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Now, we are offering delicious FAMILY SPECIALS with the best prices and quality in town. 

For several specials running every day.  

Please click on the link and order online today!

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Our Reviews

Kyle F.

I've never had a bad meal here!! The staff are always very friendly and their lunch special is probably one of the best lunch specials I've ever seen! Your meal and your drink with tax included only $7! You can't even go to fast food and get that kind of deal!!

Eboni S.

Friendly atmosphere, speedy service, and fresh quality food.. My husband and I visit all the time

This place was awesome!!! It's in a strange location, but worth the hunt. They had $1.99 margaritas! How can you go wrong with that! And it was on a Friday night.  So they could use a little maintenance on the inside, so it looks like the electrical wiring is completely hanging out of several lights, so what if one booth looks like the rest of the ceiling might 'give-way' and the light will fall completely on someone's head in that booth. Just don't sit someone in that booth! 
Why am I such an advocate for this place you might ask? Because this was the only Mexican restaurant out of three that we went to that actually had somewhat normal salsa! It wasn't super sweet and it wasn't gross. It was good! And it probably had the best hands down Mexican food I've ever had! Well one dish in particular. It was called the "pollo indiana "!!! Omg it was amazing. If you have ever had and like Arroz con pollo from other mexican restaurants,then You are gonna LOVE this dish. It is that, but with chorizo on top. The chicken is actually one big flat piece, with all the yummy cheese covered toppings drizzled all over. They don't put it on the rice, which is on the side, but you can easily scoot it over in the cheese. This dish was awesome! It is a must have. Also the waitress brought us our own pitcher of water. Now I know some people might think that this is her way of being lazy, but I actually appreciated it. That way I don't have to wait on refills. They also had Delicious Queso. It had small bits of jalapeños in it. But don't be alarmed, it wasn't overwhelming and too spicy at all.  There is also Something called the anaconda challenge for those big eaters. Some people like those sort of challenges. We steered clear of that. But it is an option for you. I think you win a free T-shirt and your meal is free. 
I am happy we discovered this little hidden gem. There were a lot of locals there, so you know that is always a positive.

Silly M.

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